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Once a successful bio-engineer, Dr. Carmen Vega is convicted of murder for the accidental death of a research subject. Now in a privatized offworld prison, Carmen hopes to earn a pardon by assisting her former supervisor in cruel xenogenetic experiments on inmates. Despised by other prisoners, abused by authorities and disrespected by her colleagues, Carmen walks a fine unethical line. Her only friend is 11-year-old Jamila, a genetically engineered girl with paranormal abilities. But will Carmen betray that friendship and her own soul to visit revenge on the scientist who framed her?

A unique and suspenseful science fiction tale, REBELLION is written in screenplay format.

Amazon Review from a reader:

Realistic and horrifying, Zainab Amadahy’s Rebellion: The Script is a futuristic account of xenogenetic experiments in an alternate planet where failed ethics and private interests threaten all.

A gifted writer, Amadahy is able to capture healing Indigenous knowledges and futuristic scientific explorations in a way that exposes violence, greed and terror as a path to destruction. In a world riddled with war, violence and corporate greed, the book presents a not-too-distance futuristic setting where these same problems are chilling and diabolical. Yet, as the title suggests, there is much more than destruction to this story: unfolding narratives of resistance.

The story’s characters are rich and diverse, carrying the reader through a quick-paced and highly imaginative journey. While generally the reader may have difficulty putting this story down, the narrative offers several reasons to take pause, give thanks or grieve. It can leave the reader imagining, questioning, angry and exhilarated.

Overall the manuscript is reminiscent of the horror of prison and experimental science without a human rights and social justice grounding, but Amadahy’s story is also a tribute to the ways that people are able to come together in resistance and healing. It is well worth the read and offers even more upon a reread!


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