Life on Purpose


Do you feel lost in a sea of choices about what to do with your life? Are you feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from what you do? Are you ready for a big change?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this book was written for you.

Having a sense of purpose that you are serving something greater than yourself has physical and mental health benefits. It can also contribute to a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

After 20+ years of educating and coaching women, people of colour and LBGTQ folks, Amadahy has collected the most effective exercises and practices of her Life on Purpose workshop for this self-empowering publication. Using the formula of Passion + Unique Gifts + Sensitivities + Vision this book will guide you through the process of finding, recognizing and opening to your sacred life purpose. Included are additional resources for helping you heal from painful experiences that might be impeding your ability to reunite with your soul.

Inspiring and motivational, “Life on Purpose” is medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

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