Conflict Transformation

This workshop explores how your conflicts can be a reflection of your relationship with yourself as well as others. We also look at how structures and systems play a role in conflict. Overall we approach conflict transformation from the perspective of interdependence and interconnection. Processes in this workshop involve storytelling, exercises and role plays to practice new skills. Key ideas explored include:

  • The uses and benefits of conflict.
  • Preparing for the inevitability of conflict.
  • Guidelines and tips to stay resolution focused.
  • Features of the transformative versus conflict management approach.
  • Staying resolution focused.
  • Ensuring long-term outcomes.
  • Facilitating agreement.
  • Operating in good faith.
  • Matching conflict types to appropriate resolution strategies.
  • Fact, opinion & feelings – the differences and implications.
  • Validating feelings while staying on track.
  • Re-establishing trust.