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Workshops are specifically designed for the not-for-profit and community sectors.

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Stress Less & Build Resiliency

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Stress is measurable and does considerable damage to the body. Unfortunately, it’s also a fact of life. This workshop uses new and emerging science to provide participants with tools for assessing where their stress comes from and how to minimize, eliminate or build resiliency to manage it.


Communicate Effectively (click the link)


Ethical Persuasion

While your organization is not selling a product or running for elected office, it must still be persuasive. Whether it’s about encouraging people to change harmful behaviors, donate or take community concerns seriously, we all find ourselves in the position of attempting to motivate others to take action to resolve problems. We tend to believe that offering facts is the most important tactic of persuasion but, although facts are important, other factors are just as, if not more, important when it comes to influencing people to take self-empowering and pro-social actions.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to learn and practice skills and techniques that increase your ability to be persuasive, while maintaining your equity and social justice values.


Conflict Transformation (click the link)


Planning Made Easy

Your organization has a Strategic Plan. Are you unsure about how to implement your role in that plan? Do plans feel confining? Do you know where to begin? Does the plan feel overwhelming? This workshop will allow you break through your planning drama and trauma. In this session you will be introduced to some nonlinear creative planning tools, discuss research into the best ways of ensuring desired outcomes, and give you an opportunity to develop habits and practices to help you achieve your aspirations. Planning doesn’t have to stress you out. It can be light, relaxing and fun.


Building and Rebuilding Trust

What happens when people in a group lose confidence and trust in each other? What happens when individuals lose trust in themselves?  There are so many outcomes of lost trust in a workplace ineffectiveness to strained relationships and conflict. In this session we look at the foundations of trust and how it can be rebuilt to maintain and restore harmonious working relationships. Whether your looking to prevent the loss of trust or revive lost trust this workshop can help.


 Align With Time

Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.
Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.

Do folks in your organization feel overwhelmed by workload and timelines? Are procrastination, distraction and multi-tasking problems? Many of the ways we cope with time pressures create stress and burnout. This workshop draws on exciting new scientific findings to give participants tools that address the pressures of time, workload and productivity. Reading on time management here.


 The Cooperative Brain

Fill brain w love

Does your organization environment function collaboratively and cooperatively? Framed within an understanding of interconnection and interdependence, as well as the findings of neuroplasticity, this workshop will help you maximize your potential to learn, memorize, problem solve, take tests and think creatively.  Experience personal and collective practices that are scientifically valid. Explore the literal and metaphorical role of the heart in learning and expanding mental capacities.


Prevent & Heal From Microaggressions

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Microaggressions are those everyday insults, indignities and demeaning behaviours committed by well-intentioned people from privileged groups against folks from marginalized communities. Workplaces underestimate the physical, psychological and financial costs of microaggressions. This workshop will explore the various ways in which microaggression shows up in the workplace, the harm it causes and how to prevent and heal the damage. Participants will experience healing processes, discuss prevention strategies and take away a variety of useful tools.


Problem Solving (click the link)


Fostering Community

Your workplace and organizations are forms of community but do they feel like it? How do you create trust among members of your community? How do you re-establish trust when it’s lost? How do you practice inclusion? How do you decolonize your relationships? These and other topics are explored in this workshop that prioritizes relationship skills development and ritual as the core of community wellness.


Public Speaking

Whether presenting in the workplace,  conference, or rally this workshop will help you learn the skills of connection, persuasion and projecting confidence. In this session you’ll learn how different venues require different styles. You’ll also get the opportunity to practice your skills. This workshop takes you from preparation to delivery to audience interaction. If you want to conquer your fear of public speaking, learn the basics or expand your skill set, this workshop is for you.


Workshops are between 2-3 hours and can be modified to address specifics issues for your organization.

To arrange a workshop for your organization contact Zainab.


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I am  available to speak for  keynotes, panels, lunch-n-learns, podcasts, interviews, conferences and customized workshops on:

  • Art as Medicine
  • Wellness Benefits of Cultivating Relationships With Ancestors
  • Ancestral Accountability for Relationship Building & Solidarity
  • Relationship Building Across Difference
  • Emerging Science that Promotes Social Justice
  • Literary Futurism as Prophecy
  • Stress & Resiliency
  • Assertive Communication Skills
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Prevent & Heal from Microaggressions
  • Getting UnStuck when You Feel Immobilized
  • Healing Rage
  • Boost Your Creativity & Problem Solving

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As an organization that deals with trauma, abuse, healing and justice; we are wary of working with consultants who may lack the skills, experience and perspective to be of assistance in the work of ending sexual violence.  Zainab is a wonderstroke for us.  She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and life affirming.  Her ability to bring a broadness of political perspective, balance and thoughtfulness that enhances our work in decolonization and healing is rare in our experience. She is the most requested consultant that our members desire to work with. Toronto Rape Crisis Centre, Staff Collective

Zainab’s workshops have become grounding points in my life. She creates warm, inclusive, and powerfully kind spaces. In these, she shares emerging scientific research findings and indigenous knowledge and wisdom with participants to help us explore tools and develop skills and practices that are so critical in our self-care and efforts towards social justice change. I leave her workshops feeling profoundly renewed, inspired, and hopeful. Abeer Majeed

Zainab’s workshops are transformational in that they invoke the innate powers we have to self-heal. Her research and knowledge about indigenous technologies and western science create a space for anyone to engage in the simple, yet powerful healing methods that she shares with participants. Her workshops remind us just how interconnected we are with the Earth and the importance of healing our relationships with ourselves, each other and all Beings that exist in our ecosystem. Be prepared to remember who you are and where you come from! Sharrae Lyon, entrepreneur, futurist, filmmaker.

Zainab has been a powerful influence in my life for several years. Through her workshops, her writing, her music and her one-on-one advice Zainab has challenged me to be a better artist and a more introspective person. Zainab draws from deep wells of traditional wisdom to create an oasis of compassion in a desert of despair. Rick Miller, filmmaker.