Editing & Writing

Services Offered

Proofing, Copyediting, Meeting Facilitation (for planning, evaluation, conflict transformation & discussion), Research & Writing

Proofing & Copyediting

Do you experience stress around putting your thoughts on paper? Are you concerned about being downgraded or rejected for simple writing mistakes? Are you baffled by the requirements of academic writing? Or maybe writing just isn’t your thing.

Let me help you produce documents that are correct, clear and concise. 

As you can see from the other pages on this site, I am a professionally published author of non-fiction books, novels and numerous articles. In my many years of work for the not-for-profit sector I’ve written many successful funding proposals, reports, resources, website copy and so on. I’ve also authored highly successful grant applications for my personal writing and artistic work.

With my editing help, Masters and PhD students have enjoyed higher marks and many have published or received awards for their theses.

Writing Services for Individuals

 Undergrad Student Essay/Paper/CV (Social Science, Liberal Arts, Humanities)

 Proofreading   – 3 cents/word*

 Light – Moderate Copyediting  – 4 cents/word*

 Heavy Copyediting – 6 cents/word*

 Thesis/Dissertation – Social Science

Proofreading   –   5 cents/word*

Light – Moderate Copyediting  – 7 cents/word*

Heavy Copyediting – 9 cents/word*

Grants Applications, Proposals, Applications, Non-Fiction Manuscripts

Proofreading  – 3 cents/word*

Light – Moderate Copyediting  – 5 cents/word*

Heavy Copyediting – 7 cents/word*

 * Extra charges may apply if your deadline is tight.

Personalized Tutorials 

How to Write an Academic Essay  –  $50/hour

How to Answer Essay Exam Questions  –  $50/hour

Write Effective Applications and Proposals    –   $50/hour

 * Extra charges may apply if your deadline is tight.

Submit a 5-page writing sample for a FREE estimate. Don’t forget to include a deadline for when you need the job done.


Proofreading is the final review of a document that has already been edited and formatted. Proofing looks for any errors that were missed by previous editing. The document is corrected for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, use of vocabulary, inconsistencies and repetition. A final proof read leaves your document ready to go.

Copyediting is reviewing a work that has not been previously checked by a professional. This service includes all those of proofreading plus a check of clarity, structure, flow, style and consistency of tone. A copy editor will rewrite sentences or paragraphs and may even move sections of the document around so there is an appropriate flow for the style of writing (academic, plain language, business, etc.).

Light – Moderate Copyediting involves only a few corrections or changes.

Heavy Copyediting is necessary when there are many corrections and changes or when the writing is very specialized, using distinct formatting, language, style or tone. This type of editing costs extra because it is extra time consuming and demands more focus.

In general all services aim to ensure your work is accurate, consistent and clear in communicating your ideas.

Process for Editing and Proofreading

  1. Submit a 5-page writing sample by email. It is best if the sample is from the project you want me to work on. Tell me whether you want proofreading or copyediting. Also tell me when your project is due. Leave me a phone number where you can be reached.
  2. I will get back to you within 48 hours with an estimate of my fees as well as any other information that is relevant.
  3. If we agree on the terms of service I will send you a contract to sign.
  4. You 1) return the signed contract and email me the job you want me to work on, 2) e-money transfer 50% of the fee estimate.
  5. Upon completion of the work I will return your edited/proofed copy with an invoice for the balance of fees due.  If there is anything we need to discuss I will contact you to arrange for a skype or phone meeting.
  6. You will e-money transfer the final payment or mail a cheque or money order within 3 days of receiving my invoice.
  7. At your request, I will make myself available for a free 20-minute videoconference or telephone meeting to debrief, clarify or discuss any issues relevant to the job.

Submit a 4-page writing sample with completion deadline for your FREE estimate.


 Other Services

Facilitation: $40/hour

Includes: Design of meeting plan, group agreement templates, agendas, evaluation processes, conflict transformation and discussion/facilitation processes (in consultation). Also, meeting facilitation, clarification of decisions and responsibilities and ensuring a clear follow up plan is in place.


Research & Writing

Original content for resources, website, blogs, manuals, toolkits, etc.  Fees vary depending on the responsibilities of the job. Let’s discuss it.


Your choice of a 20% refund on any services or 20% off your next bill if you refer someone who becomes a client.